Care label

Our jewellry pieces are all resistant to heat, cold, water (fresh and salt water). You can safely bathe, go for a swim, enjoy a sauna, etc. ...

We generally recommended by our (neck-) bracelets, if they wear continuously, they should removed and cleaned minimum every 3 months, because body fat, skin creams, shampoos, etc… can be deposited primarily in the closing part. Although the screw should be turned out of the bracelet and both the thread and the screw head (Allen) cleaned.


Material sience

We use only the following materials:

Stainless steel (Mat.-No. 1.4301 DIN 2463)

The steel is durable against water, steam, atmospheric moisture plus weak organic and inorganic acid and has a lot of applicaton as z. B. in food industry, for surgical instruments, for jewelry and artworks...

0,07 % Carbon
1 % Silicium
2 % Manganese
0,045 % Phosphor
0,030 % Sulfur
17 – 19 % Chromium
8,5 – 10,5 % Nickel


We don’t know to date about any allergic reactions to the contained bound nickel.
We have already sold several pieces of jewelry knowingly and with knowledge of the buyer to this group of allergy sufferers.


Our locks:

  • gold-plated
  • rhodanized
    Rhodium is a agentic, refractory, hard noble metal. It´s harder than gold or Platinum. On this reason it would glad use for coating jewelry, eyewear and watches if it prevents start film over.
  • brass
    CAUTION! Brass destroys latex. The position on the latex turns brown on contact with brass, and looks like rusted.



The pendant ring of our collar 24/7 with removeable ring is chrome-plated.

In the bright chrome plating (decorative chrome plating), a very thin layer, mostly from 0.2 to 0.5 microns of chromium is depositing from the jewelry. The chrome shine, by chrome finished work piece, comes not only from the chromium lay itself; an underlaying layer (usually nickel) component part.