All parts of our jewelry are made ​​from high quality stainless steel, so you will have many years of enjoyment with your jewelry! Everything is handcrafted to your specifications. For us it`s no problem to realize your individual wishes. So each piece keeps unique.

You have a special request?
Write to us. We realize your dream together.



Neck-bracelet PERFECT CIRCLE


Pure & noble, without beginning or end - a perfect circle.


Basic rate is  99 €
(incl. VAT)



Neck-bracelet curved



Basic rate is 159 €
(incl. VAT




Neck-bracelet massive, lockable


Basic rate is 175 €

(incl. VAT)





Basic rate is 169 €

(incl. VAT)


High neck-bracelet


An extraordinary piece of jewelry

made ​​of solid stainless steel ...


Basic rate is 289 €
(incl. VAT)




In your hand


Basic rate is 75 €
(incl. VAT)






Necklace Triskelion

with integtated lock


Basic rate is 129 €
(incl. VAT)


Collar small


...optionally with ring or synht jewel.


Basic rat is 69 €

(incl.  VAT)



Collar with ring




Basic rate is 119 €

(incl.  VAT)


Collar curved with Ring of O or synth. jewel


An extraordinary eye catcher!


Basic rate is 129 €
(incl. VAT)


Luxury collar curved

...with integrated lock.



Basic rate is 189 €

(incl. VAT)


Collar 24/7 small




Basic rate is 149 €

(incl. VAT)



Collar 24/7 with removeable ring

A very special collar with integrated lock and Ring.


Basic rate is 159 €
(incl. VAT)