Your piece of jewelry is missing individuality?


Through our cooperation with an engraver we could offer an individual engraving to you. Your wishes or imaginations could be fulfilled nearly unlimited.


We only need a drawing of your imaginations. Our engraver crafts your individual design mostly within 10 working days. No matter if it’s a number, initializes or a signet is, every engraving would be handmade and could be placed on nearly every kind of our pieces of jewelry. Feel free to ask us.


The engraving can be applied to:

  • all our neck-bracelets or collars (flats)
  • a plaque
  • (integrated) locks
  • Outside ring bar
  • Steel whip (on the handle)

An engraving is at our arm- and neck bracelet for technical reasons not possible.


Cash on delivery parcel?

A cash on delivery parcel is with an engraving not possible. Thanks for your understanding.  

Examples of implemented customer requirements:

All indicated prices include VAT at 19 %.

Laser engraving, various fonts + symbol.


Price 200

Laser engraving                                                                             Price  65 €

Laser engraving - circular text and symbols

Price 160 €

Laser engraving with integr. synth. jewels (Swarovski®-crystal)

Laser engraving

Engrave cursive font on the lock of our curved bracelet, www.Traeume-aus-Edelstahl.de Manual engraving - Price: 90 €
Laser engraving
Laser engraving