Custom-made products

You have a special request?
An idea which we will implement individually for you?
Send us a drawing of the object you desire and we will - if it is possible - make your dream come true.


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With the same email address, you can also order your special request.

Please note that we produce special requests ONLY after pre-payment. Thank you for your understanding.


Here are a few examples of already been set desires:

All indicated prices include VAT at 19 %. Shipping extra.


Material Stainless steel
Overall high 29 mm
Band matted / edges highpolished

Bracelet highpolished
Material-thickness 4 mm x 10 mm (b x h) collar/ 6 mm neck-bracelet

Locking mechanism Special locking mechanism (integratet in both bracelet)

This jewellry is only to open with our special key.

Price 339 € incl. pendant ring

+ 5,- € per each synth. jewel

Armani-clock integrated in our stainless steel bracelet massiv,
only to open with our special key.

Material Stainless steel
matted / sides highpolished
Tickness of steel
4 mm


Price 299 €

(without watch;brought to us by a customer)

Piercing with spikes

Material Stainless steel
Materialstärke 6 mm (possible with reduce)

Spikes adjustable


To lock or unlock only with our special key.


Price 169 €

Waist corsett

Material Stainless steel

Inner lining Neoprene®

Price 700 €

Ring with integrated synth. jewels

Material Stainless steel, 1/3 matted, 2/3 highpolished

Size 50 mm

High 19 mm

Synth. jewels Swarovski®-crystal (Black & CrystalL)


Price 330 €

Branding iron

Material Stainless steel

Price 299 €

Toe cuffs

Material Stainless steel

Thickness of steel 6 mm


Price 320 €

Massive collar with ring, small

(integrated lock & hinge)

Material Stainless steel

Thickness of steel 4 or 6 mm

Width of the collar 20 or 30 mm

Integrated lock rhodanized


269 € (20 mm)
309 € (30 mm)

Pendant with secret...

...for short news.


Material Stainless steel

Integrated synth. jewel Swarovski®-crystal

Price 85,- €

Collar with removeable ring/ QR

Our collar 24/7 with removeable pendant ring with upgrading - a removeable tag with integrated QR-Code. The QR- Code is changeable.


Material Stainless steel

integriertes Schloss gold-plated

Price 349 €

Neck corset with removeable mouth-gag

Material Stainless steel

Lock integrierted lock

Mouthgag Stainless steel wrapped with leather, adjustable (at the side with Imbus)


Price 319 €

Combination twin-choker with high neck-bracelet *Katja*

Material Stainless steel

Thickness of steel 6 mm

integrated lock rhodanized

Price 269 €

Material Aluminium gold-plated

Synth. jewels Swarovski

Materialthickness 6 mm

Width 13 mm & 25 mm

Double-Cockring with bracket


Material Stainless steel highpolished
Thickness of steel 
6 mm (penis cockring),
8 mm (testicle cockring),
3 mm (bracket)

Price 229 €

Nipple clamp

Material Stainless steel, highpolished
Clamp length 28 mm 
diameter ring 35 mm
Thickness of steel  5 mm

Price 60 € / per piece


Material Stainless steel, leather

Preis per pair started at 250 € (pictured examples)



The spurs will be cut by laser. You can choose size and design by yourself. Send us a small drawing of your wish for an offer without obligation.