Steel switch

Includet in the starting price of 99 €:

  • 1 Steel switch without jewel/ Triskel in sphere


Price 99
(incl. VAT) 



Only for experienced hands...

Steel switch, fetish,

... unbreakable and very wicked!


The sound of switch alone, if it cuts the air, gives you goose-pimples.
The switch is complete out of stainless steel and looks absolutely high-grade. The special steel of the switch prevents that your new `toy´ can brake and gives the switch nevertheless the necessary flexibility.



diameter of stainless steel

  • switch 3 mm
  • grip 12 mm

Length of switch 65 cm


You can choose between 3 options:

Sphere without jewel,




without synht. jewel

Sphere with integrated synth, jewel,




Sphere with synth. jewel
Surcharge 10,- €




Colors of synth. jewel:

synth. jewels Our colors


Crystal - clear

Aquamarin - light blue

Peridot- light green

light Siam - light red

Black Diamond - smoked grey

Jet - black(matt)



We use only Swarovski ® crystals.

Spehre with integrated Triskel,



with integrated Triskel

Surcharge 35,- €



You can choose between:

- rhodanized (silvercoated) or

- gold-plated


Engrave is possible in alongside from grip.
Please tell us your engrave-whish by ordering this article.

Engravement on the handle of our steel switch, Example



More examples for engravement: ENGRAVES